We are here to equip people with the skills to provide stability for their families. 

Onsite Training:

  • Employment

  • Household Budgeting

Offsite Training:

  • Employment

  • Household Budgeting

  • Life Skills

  • Goal Setting

Employment/Career Coaching

Master Your Money. Don’t Let It Master You.

Bible Study

Biblical Citizenship For Modern America

Organic Gardening

Off-Site Training at Your Organization 

Employment & Career Services

Financial Literacy

Effective Communication

Goal Setting / Life Balance

Grocery Strategies (Couponing)

Toxic Relationships

Codependency & Boundaries

The Art of Asking for Help

Stress Management

Off-site classes available for churches, substance abuse recovery, at-risk youth, and domestic violence programs.

Interested in having us come teach a life-skills class?

Our 4 Step Process To Thriving

Step 1

Contact Us


Contact Us

Reach out to us to get started on the road to thriving, not just surviving.

Step 2

Get to know you

Get to Know You

We get to know you, your circumstances and your needs.

Step 3

Create the Plan


Create the Plan

Develop a plan with your life coach based on your needs.

Step 4



We equip you with the tools to get on your feet and stay there.

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