Meet Caroline. A middle-aged woman who is wife and mother to three kids, one with autism. For the last many years she has been the full-time caregiver for her mother who also lived with her family. Not an uncommon story.

For as long as Caroline can remember, there was never enough money coming in. She had thought about getting a job, but there was absolutely no time to squeeze it in. Her husband brought in a decent amount from his job and her mom’s social security supplemented the household income. But credit cards seemed to come to the rescue every week for those things the household, mom, or kids needed.

How to get control? Could they get control? Isn’t everyone living like this, paycheck to paycheck?

Then, one day the inevitable happened. Caroline’s mother’s condition worsened and the doctors began to prepare her for what was to come. Sure, there were multiple health issues, but finality never felt real.

Losing mom seemed devastating in many ways. Of course, losing a loved one is never easy. But how would she replace the lost household income of Social Security?

Caroline proactively reached out for help to Encompass Ministries through FaceBook. She needed a job urgently before they lost everything they had worked so hard to maintain. How was she going to balance that with the kids at home? There seemed to be more complications with every turn. All this in
the middle of Covid.

Meet Faith. A long time part of Encompass Ministries, she helps men and women find jobs and manage their household incomes. These services are free of charge. When there is a need to help with food, that too is provided each and every week. This relieves the financial burden of feeding a family through a rough transitional time.

Since Covid, all training is one-on-one and takes place on Zoom, a computer/phone/ teleconferencing software. Faith and Caroline went to work quickly to get that much needed job.

The first step was to understand what Caroline’s skills, interests, and availability were. Then determine what kind of job was feasible. After that, Faith helped Caroline customize her resume to get noticed by employers. Interviews quickly came and Faith transitioned to that part of the employment training.

It worked! Caroline landed a job within just two weeks of working with Faith. Caroline was so excited about how quickly things were turning around, she decided to trust Faith with her finances.

The first part of the budgeting program is to “assess” what is really coming in and going out. Paydays and bill due dates are carefully laid out to begin managing cash flow. Caroline couldn’t believe her eyes.

That’s when we heard, “REALLY?” On paper (or computer spreadsheet) it appeared as if there was enough income from her husband’s job!

Where was it all going? Had they missed any bills or expenses in that assessment? Excitement over their possible new reality gave Caroline the emotional boost she needed. And the determination to get things under control.

For the first two weeks, Caroline monitored every expenditure carefully. It was amazing! There really is enough money coming in!? Caroline didn’t need to get that job for the family’s survival after all! Her new outlook is optimistic, now planning for her new income to knock out the credit card debt they have accumulated. Caroline no longer needs the services of Encompass Ministries, as she and her family are on their feet! Are you experiencing financial hardship that Encompass can help you with? Reach out to us, like Caroline did. On the phone, online, and yes, through FaceBook,
• 770-591-4707
• encompassministriesinc.org
• facebook.com/encompassministries