Meet “Mom on the Run.” She came to Papa’s Pantry/Encompass Ministries weary. Unfortunately, her story is not unique. She was running from an ex-husband who had brutally beat her, almost to the point of death. Women like her tend to be make-up artists. Trying their best to camouflage bruises on their eyes, noses, and cheeks from the last altercation that was deemed ‘their fault.’


Georgia is her third state in 8 months. With two young children in tow, this mom has tried to escape over and over. But, somehow, he has been able to track her down, threatening her, their children, and their space. No place is safe for any of them. Seldom does the abuse stop with the mom; it oftentimes extends to the children.


This mom hopes she will be able to stay in Georgia somewhat permanently? At least, hopefully, long-term. Her ex-husband has been recently sentenced to serve time in prison in another state for his abuse. Sigh. Can this mom really stop looking over her shoulder? Yes, now, she can.


This mom has registered to attend our next Employment Workshops series with the hopes of securing a good job that will afford her the opportunity to stay; to rent an apartment and register her kids in a school they will be able to make friends and find some stability.  This mom has skills.


But that’s what we are here for. We will help this mom design a resume and cover letter that will lessen the impact of what seems to be bouncing around so she will be noticed by a hiring manager.


And, we will teach her how to answer some of those very tough questions she may face in an interview.  All of which will be carefully worded, honest answers.


And, she will have access to her trainer and coach as much as she needs until she is back on her feet!


And, she will be able to get weekly groceries for her and her little ones as she works the process to get on her feet!