Meet “Conned Mom.”

Some of the first words we heard from her were, “I thought I met the perfect man.  He was everything I hoped for in a husband and father figure for my son.”

This widowed mom thought she had met the greatest guy at a church function.  Trusting that this man was a man of faith, she allowed herself to trust him completely.  After just a few months, he proposed.  It seemed her dreams were coming true.

She was so excited to begin a new life with a man she loved and who wanted to take care of her and her son.  He moved into her home, one that she and her deceased husband had purchased together.  He was her knight in shining armor.

He started to take over some of the household responsibilities, namely, paying the bills.  She was encouraged to quit her job to be a stay-at-home-mom.  Soon she realized it no longer felt as if she was being taken care of.  Instead, he seemed a bit secretive, not even letting her check the mailbox.  He would leave the room for phone calls, out of earshot.  The lies began to mount up.  She noticed he was isolating her from family and friends by limiting phones calls and ‘girl-time,’ time away from him.  Eventually she had no say in anything; her life no longer her own.

What had she done?  Was it her imagination?  He didn’t hit her, so she struggled with the idea of whether there was any abuse.  She worried for her son and the impact of her husband’s strange behaviors.

Then, one day, her worst fears came to fruition.  A notice appeared on the front door… the house was in foreclosure; they were being evicted.  In shock, she called her husband.  When confronted, he admitted that he had stopped paying the mortgage.

It got worse.  He had taken out several loans using her good credit and personal information.  Like the mortgage, he hadn’t made any of those payments either.  He was stashing a wealth of money so he could leave town.

That was the last time she spoke to him.  Once discovered, he was gone.

Now, “Conned Mom” is starting all over again, literally from scratch.  No home.  No income.  Her belongings in storage.  Thankfully she and her son are staying with a friend until she is back on her feet.

That’s also where Encompass Ministries comes in!  That first visit to get food assistance, she arrived humiliated, but left full of hope.  Through the stability services and training available, her future holds promise.  She has registered to participate in Employment Workshops and Career Coaching to help her find work.  She will continue to get weekly groceries through the process.