Welcome to Encompass Ministries

On our 21st birthday August 2019, the organization known as Papa’s Pantry launched its new name.  You see, over the last two decades, Papa’s Pantry has not only fed people who did not have enough food to eat, but the person’s stability quickly became “the heart of the matter.” 

The Master’s Training Center, Papa’s educational division, was established to provide training to men and women to help them achieve long-lasting stability.   For those needing help getting a job, a variety of Employment Concepts are taught, helping folks navigate through the entire job-seeking process.   When there is an income that should be enough to make ends meet, Household Budgeting is coached.  Those who are in these programs are able to come weekly to Papa’s Pantry for food until they are back on their feet!

But, there’s more!

Papa’s and The Master’s Training Center have been strategically partnering with many Addictions Recovery programs over the last 2 years.  From the food side of the house, to some, we send groceries weekly.  For others, from the training side of the house, we provide training… and lots of it!  Everything from the already mentioned career and budgeting modules, but also a myriad of Life Skills topics, such as Toxic Relationships, Effective Communication, Time and Task Management, Goal Setting, and Nutrition and Meal Planning.  With some partnered organizations, we do both!

Does that sound like the scope of a food pantry?

But, there’s more!

We have also had the privilege to partner with At-Risk Youth programs.  Mostly during the school year, we are invited regularly to their locations to teach and encourage their middle and high school kids.  It is exciting to be on the prevention side of ministry!

Does that sound like the scope of a food pantry?

No, there is so much more than food that the ministry does… the name Papa’s Pantry just doesn’t encompass what we do.  Hence, Encompass Ministries!

There will always be Papa’s Pantry!  Now, it is the food assistance program of the ministry.  Nothing really changes.  And, The Master’s Training Center will still be the training program in place.  Now, we can branch out to better serve the community with some very important needs, hopefully, life-saving!

Beginning August 13th, 7:00 p.m., Suite 300, Encompass and C.H.O.I.C.E.S.- Cherokee will be hosting weekly meetings for families to learn about resources they need to navigate through the legal, financial, and emotional aspects when a loved one is addicted.

6551 Commerce Parkway, Woodstock, GA  30189